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It has become necessary to create new techniques that reduce, or even eliminate, the need to sacrifice healthy teeth structures and deliver far superior aesthetic results that can last a lifetime with minimal upkeep.

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A beautiful smile can make you feel confident on the inside and exude a sense of health and youth on the outside. With a smile makeover, our dentists can address many common dental concerns while simultaneously giving you a total smile transformation.

Are you trying to get a new job? Pushing for a big promotion? Or thinking about asking somebody out on a date? Investing in a new smile is also an investment in your social life, not to mention your professional career. Numerous studies have shown that your smile speaks enough to get you ahead when it really counts.

These are before and after images of a stunning smile makeover performed at Dr. JJ. Serfontein's practice.


Researchers have studied the effects of tooth alignment and enamel colour on confidence in adults.

Their results weren’t surprising: people with stained, crowded, and generally unpleasing smiles were usually less confident, shy and embarrassed.

A bright, beautiful smile can have a life-long, positive effect - making you more confident in almost every aspect of your life.


Believe it or not, many of the treatments in a smile makeover do more than just improve your look. If you are missing teeth, food particles can collect in that gap.

This increases your chances of tooth decay and periodontal disease. If you included dental implants in your smile makeover, you’ll get a beautiful replacement tooth put in that gap. But that will also make it harder for food to get stuck there, decreasing your health risks.


People spend a lot of money every year to look younger, healthier and more attractive. Gym memberships, makeup, and skincare products are all there to improve your look, so why not invest in your smile too?

Personality and intelligence count a lot towards making a relationship last, but a healthy, beautiful smile will contribute immensely towards a great first impression and open the door for new relationships.


A great smile won’t help you work better or get more work done, unless you’re some kind of tooth model, but it will still help you advance in your career.

Not only do people with more attractive smiles have a better shot at getting hired for the job, but they are usually offered a higher pay rate than people who don’t have nearly as nice looking teeth.


People tend to treat you better when you look good. If you engage with someone wearing a stained shirt and dirty jeans, you are not going to get the respect you need; people will be distracted by your look.

The same goes for your smile - people tend to be more engaged, comfortable and positive towards people with a beautiful, bright smile.

Feeling good about your teeth means you’ll smile more often, and researchers have proven that people who smile more frequently generally live longer, happier lives.

Smiling more often has been linked to lower heart rate, reduction of stress and anxiety, increased release of endorphins, strengthening the immune system, and much more.

If you or someone you know is looking for a brighter, whiter smile, or has misaligned teeth that he/she wants corrected, please call us for an initial appointment and consultation and begin the process of changing your life today.

Dr JJ Serfontein

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  • Member of SADA (South African Dental Association)
  • Member of ITI (International Team of Implantology)
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