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"I have a passion for reconstructive & cosmetic dentistry that ultimately enhances function or aesthetics."

At JJS Dentistry, our belief is simple: Do the best job with the best dental materials in the shortest amount of time. Driven by passion, we aim to provide our patients with the very best in dental services so you get lasting results and great value. Our world-class facilities and tailored treatments allow us to offer unique services to all our patients, achieving your dream smile and aesthetic goals. Visit us at one of our two prestigious locations in Cape Town and Durbanville, where comfort meets luxury, and you get the best possible experience. Try the JJS Dentistry Experience today!

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Dr JJS Serfontein is the proud founder and owner of JJS Dentistry. With decades of experience as a Dental Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist, Dr Serfontein is entirely dedicated to creating the ultimate patient experience. Here, art and science merge to craft dental outcomes that restore confidence and function.

Dr Serfontein is of the belief that “A healthy, beautiful smile can truly change your life and boost your confidence.” Having helped patients from all over the world achieve their dream smiles through smile makeovers and quality dental treatments, Dr JJ Serfontein continues to be a beacon of dental excellence in South Africa.

When you step into JJS Dentistry, expect world-class healthcare with dental services customised to your needs. Our friendly and professional team are ready to welcome you with open arms and provide a comfortable and relaxing environment. Visit us and receive the confident and healthy smile of your dreams!

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Dental Treatments

Art and science meet at the helm of our dental treatments. With an unmatched standard of quality and hygiene, we pride ourselves on being able to offer luxury dental treatments to suit your needs. Both of our dental practices in Cape Town and Durbanville are facilitated with state-of-the-art technology to help us craft natural-looking and functional smiles. Each patient case is met with utmost focus and care, giving you the level of detail and attention needed to create your perfect smile.

General Dentist

General Dentistry

Prevention is the hallmark of dentistry — and it’s no different at JJS Dentistry. Our primary dental care is an essential part of oral healthcare, encompassing a wide array of dental services to prevent, diagnose and treat. From routine dental check-ups to advanced root canals, our skilled team is ready to walk your oral journey with you.

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene goes beyond keeping your breath smelling fresh. Here at JJS Dentistry, we’re big advocates for oral hygiene education and professional care. Our professional teeth cleanings help keep your teeth free from plaque and tartar, while simultaneously preventing a range of dental health problems. Ensure you maintain your smile with a professional oral cleaning every six months.

Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry services are designed to keep your unique aesthetic goals in mind. Dr JJ Serfontein firmly believes in the marriage of art and technology to create functional, beautiful, confident smiles. Whether you’re looking for a smile boost with custom veneers or need a more advanced restoration like a dental implant — we are ready to assist you in achieving your best smile.

Same Day Dentistry

Same-Day Dentistry

Who says quality can’t be convenient? At JJS Dentistry, we know just how busy life can get, so we pride ourselves on offering same-day dentistry appointments for certain procedures to help you get the care you need in the shortest amount of time. Crowns, veneers, and other restorations are made easier and more flexible with our advanced technology.



Straighten your teeth and align your bite with our premium orthodontic services. Here, you get the benefits of a functional and beautiful smile. When your teeth and bite are aligned, it makes your oral hygiene easier to maintain and prevents common dental health issues. Our various offerings include clear aligners, clear braces, and traditional metal braces, so there’s something for everyone.

Dental Implants Cape Town

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can impact many aspects of your health, including your self-esteem. With our quality dental implant restorations, we can provide a fixed, permanent solution to missing teeth that promotes dental health and a happy smile! Enjoy the advantages of this seamless dental solution and restore your natural smile. Don’t let missing teeth hold you back.

TM Joint and Bruxism

TMJ and Bruxism

Waking up with jaw pain is a common sign of bruxism, a common stress-related condition. With bruxism, you grind your teeth when you sleep and sometimes unknowingly when you’re awake. This can wear down the surface of the teeth, cause headaches, and lead to more serious dental health problems. However, with the help of experienced dental surgeon Dr JJ Serfontein, we can provide prompt treatment to alleviate these symptoms.

Virtual Treatments

Virtual Consultations

For those on the go, we’re excited to introduce our virtual consultations. This service is a dedicated digital process to accommodate patients unable to make in-person appointments or who are from another part of the world. Follow our straightforward process to find out if you are a candidate, and ensure you have your dental history and X-rays onhand.

Virtual Treatments

Smile makeovers

Here at JJS Dentistry, smile makeovers are our speciality! We know the power a smile holds: It’s how you’re perceived and forms a major part of your identity. That’s why we make every effort to give our patients their dream smiles. From teeth whitening to dental bonding and restorations to orthodontics, we do it all! Reach out and find out how we can be of service to you.

Patient Experience

Being able to convey your thoughts and feelings through a smile is the purest and simplest form of communication. Imagine being able to interact in this way, without the fear of being judged over your appearance. Imagine allowing your personality to shine through your smile without inhibition. It’s profound.

A smile is more than just two rows of teeth and gums — it’s a feeling, a way to show emotion, a means of communication, and a way to connect. At JJS Dentistry, we treasure each and every smile that walks through our practice doors.

Our two prestigious locations boast a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere where you will be greeted with professionalism and care. If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly and experienced staff are eager to help you.

We pride ourselves on keeping you informed throughout the entire process of your treatment. With decades of experience, we’ve implemented a seamless system whereby each step of your progress is documented, explained and analysed. You won’t have to guess when your next appointment is or follow up — we’ve got everything covered. Additionally, we offer same-day dentistry procedures due to all our dentistry being performed at our in-house laboratory. Treatments like X-rays, fillings, dentures, crowns, dental implants, and more can all be performed right in our practice. This means less waiting time, more convenience, and better quality.

After your treatment, you should notice and feel a significant improvement in your teeth. Using only the best in dental materials, we continuously strive for better, newer and more innovative methods to ensure your smile lasts. Our dedication to our craft is evident in our streamlined process, which we have meticulously perfected to ensure no aspect of your treatment is missed, leaving you with a functional, healthy and magnificent smile.

Now, with your brand new smile, you’re ready to own the day again. Have the confidence to go out with friends, meet new people, take new opportunities, and pose for that selfie! You won’t have any shame in laughing out loud and being out and about. Enjoy a new outlook on life, and watch how those around you notice your infectious energy and personality.

At JJS Dentistry in Cape Town, this is our dream for you. Start your smile journey today by booking a consultation with your premier Cape Town dentist!

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The Patient Experience | JJS Dentistry

Meet Dr JJ Serfontein

“I have a passion for reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry that ultimately enhances function and aesthetics.” - Dr JJ Serfontein

JJS Dentistry was founded with the belief that dentistry is at the helm of art and science. Dental Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist Dr JJ Serfontein is passionate about his work and aims to create smiles that are both beautiful and functional, helping patients from all over the world achieve their dreams.

Additionally, Dr Serfontein spearheads innovation at his practices. He regularly seeks new and improved ways to offer better patient experiences and treatments, advocating for advanced techniques and methods.

With decades of expertise and a warm and friendly demeanour, you can expect a truly world-class experience with Dr Serfontein. His commitment to perfection ensures you receive the results you desire and need, highlighting both function and aesthetics.

Cosmetic Dentist Smile Gallery

Just like every individual, every smile is unique. Here at JJS Dentistry, we don’t believe in creating ‘the perfect smile’ — we honour your unique features and goals to create a smile that is perfectly yours in every way. We have helped hundreds of patients achieve these results over the years and look forward to continuously improving our craft.

Designing your perfect smile goes far beyond appearance — it’s about building a healthy foundation for your teeth, jaw and gums to ensure your smile lasts a lifetime. With cosmetic dentistry, we’re able to use a multitude of techniques and treatments to fix, lighten, restore and shape your smile. And with your new smile, you will be more eager to look after your teeth and gums with regular cleanings and check-ups. Don’t underestimate the power of a smile; it can be life-changing!

We crafted these smiles using a wide array of treatments, such as teeth whitening, dentures, dental implant, crowns, fillings and more. Each smile journey is entirely unique and based on your particular needs, which makes a smile consultation of utmost importance. Learn more about our smile makeovers by getting in touch, and start your journey to a healthy, stunning smile at JJS Dentistry!

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What Patients Say

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Kyla Spykerman

Kyla Spykerman

5 Stars
Google Review

I’ve been with JJ density’s since 2021 and everytime they seem to amaze me . The whole team at JJ is so loving and inviting. From Steff and Jacci through to Caitlyn the Oral hygienist and JJ himself and the rest of the staff. I walk in their with the biggest warmest welcome and leave their with an amazing smile and even better feeling. The comfort they provide with each treatment they give is world class aswell as the top class products and technology they use. My Teeth has never been in better condition than it is now . Thank you to JJ and Caitlyn and the whole team!!!!! ❤️❤️

Adele de Villiers

Adele de Villiers

5 Stars
Google Review

Dr Serfontein and the practice staff has been amazing since the first day I walked in. He takes his time to explain everything and makes sure you are comfortable. I have always been petrified of dentists until I met JJ. There’s no other practice for me. Thank you! My teeth are straight!!!!!

Charmaine Agathocleous review

Charmaine Agathocleous

5 Stars
Google Review

I had the most wonderful experience! Dr Melissa Brink is just absolutely amazing after a few appointments with her she made me feel if I was part of her family. I would rate her as the best dentist I have ever had. Dr Melissa Brink you absolutely rock👌 I would highly recommend JJS Dentistry! A out of this world experience with very professional and friendly staff.

Juraj Priecel review

Juraj Priecel

5 Stars
Google Review

This is my favourite dentistry in the whole world and I been to dentists in UK, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Love to come here as everyone is positive, knowledgable, caring and leading edge professional. Location is above Ferrari dealership and I get my Ferrari dental care here )))

John K Review

Heinke Blomerus

5 Stars
Google Review

In January last year I was fortunate enough to have my teeth whitened by Chantelle at the Vineyards. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my teeth and still do to this day - and its been more than a year. I still use my At Home teeth whitening kit once a week to maintain this white smile. I will forever be grateful for the team at Jjs Dentistry. I still LOVE my smile! I highly recommend to EVERYONE! Its a Spa for your teeth while watching Netflix - what more do you want!?

Shariefa Bawa

Shariefa Bawa

5 Stars
Google Review

Today was my first ever consultation at JJ Dentistry & from the moment I walked in each and every staff member was sincerely friendly and professional .Abi and Jacqui at the front desk were both lovely . Dr Brink and her assistant made me feel so comfortable from start to finish & explained everything in detail in order for me to have a better understanding. Thank you all 🙂. Looking forward to my next session 👌

Bron Slabbert

Bron Slabbert

5 Stars
Google Review

Took my daughter to Dr Raymund Weihmann with a broken tooth and he was absolutely AMAZING ! He explained everything he was doing which made her feel more relaxed and he listened to what she wanted. Whole experience was fantastic - from being fitted in at the last minute before a long weekend to the way everybody in the practice treated her. Will definitely be returning to him!

Kelly KiKx

Kelly KiKx

5 Stars
Google Review

Honestly the best dentist I’ve been to and I have a massive fear of the dentist… I even got to watch Netflix while waiting in the chair and they made my experience quite enjoyable! I’ve been back 6 times in 2 months and excited every time! What amazing and fun staff! We are practically family at this point!

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Our Cosmetic Dentistry Brands

Our phenomenal team sources the highest-quality aesthetic materials and equipment to ensure that our practice surpasses international standards of quality and care. These are some of the superb companies we work with to produce the amazing results our patients experience. These wonderful brands help us make the best crowns, dentures and other aesthetic elements we possibly can!