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"I have a passion for reconstructive & cosmetic dentistry that ultimately enhances function or aesthetics"

Founder and owner of JJS Dentistry dentist practice and dental surgeon, Dr JJ Serfontein is wholly dedicated to the art and science of dentistry. He prides himself on the immaculate work his team of dentists accomplishes and the stunningly beautiful smiles they craft every single day. "A healthy, beautiful smile can truly change your life and boost your confidence" believes Dr Serfontein, who’s spent years in service, performing smile makeovers for patients from all over the globe - right here at dental practices in South Africa.

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Passion drives the dentists at JJS Dentistry in Cape Town. Our team ethos is simple: do the best job with the best dental materials in the shortest amount of time. For our dentistry patients, this means you get phenomenal value, premium services and lasting results.

JJS Dentistry offers world-class dental health care in South Africa, with treatment that’s tailored to your clinical needs and dental goals. We are dedicated to providing the best possible treatment in a welcoming and comfortable setting where our dental patients receive the best possible dental treatment.

Please contact our Waterway House dental office in Cape Town to learn more and to schedule a visit at the dentist clinic. The JJS Dentistry team of dentists look forward to welcoming you into our family and helping you achieve the healthy, beautiful and confident smile you deserve!

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Dental Treatments

General Dentist

General Dentist Cape Town

A dentist consultation every 6 months is vital to detecting problems before they become serious. Cancer, gum disease, faulty fillings, root canals and several other issues can be found and treated with great results if found early enough. Schedule your dentist consultation and x rays today.

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene Service

Having your teeth professionally cleaned is a great experience, but it’s also the only way to remove advanced forms of plaque. Make sure you have your smile professionally cleaned every few months to avoid painful cavities and serious treatment.

Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist Cape Town

Cosmetic dentistry and smile design are art forms that require precise attention to detail and an exceptional understanding of each individual’s facial features. At JJS Dentistry, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful, custom smiles with high-quality restorations that last - from tiny fillings to full dental implants.

Same Day Dentistry

Same-Day Dentistry

At JJS Dentistry, everything is done in-house. This means that you don’t need to schedule appointments over multiple days for certain procedures. Our team will plan, design, craft and place your high-quality restorations in just a few hours.



The goal of orthodontics is to create a smile with aligned teeth and a stable bite. The primary benefits are actually more functional than aesthetic - your teeth become easier to clean and maintain so you can prevent erosion, gum disease and a host of other issues while improving your speech, biting and chewing. The pretty smile is a bonus.

Dental Implants Cape Town

Dental Implants Cape Town

Dental implants are a fixed, permanent solution to missing teeth. If you’ve lost a tooth and are considering your oral surgery options, dental implants are the recommended replacement solution. They don’t shift or slip and you can maintain them as you do your natural teeth. Your dental surgeon will advise you on all the processes during your initial consultation.

TM Joint and Bruxism

TMJ and Bruxism

If you wake up with ache and pain on the sides of your face, you may be suffering from bruxism - a stress-related condition which causes you to subconsciously (and often unconsciously) grind your teeth. Enlisting the help of a dental surgeon will greatly aid in the treatment process. Thankfully, there are treatment options available to alleviate the pain and put an end to the pain.

Virtual Treatments

Virtual Consultations with a Cosmetic Dentist

Our virtual consultations are the latest in a range of digital processes we’ve introduced and we’re excited to introduce it to you. To find out if you’re a candidate for a specific treatment, simply follow the process and we’ll review your smile and consult with you from the comfort of your home. Be sure to have any x rays and your dental history ready!

Patient Experience

Being able to convey your thoughts and feelings through a smile is the purest and simplest form of communication. Imagine being able to interact in this way, without the fear of being judged over your appearance. Imagine allowing your personality to shine through your smile, without inhibition. It’s profound.

This is the service we strive to give each and every one of our patients. It’s more than just teeth, it’s the ability to show expression, emotion, and to connect with their friends and loved ones.

When you step into our Waterway House practice for your dentist consultation, you’re greeted with passion, enthusiasm and wonderful service. Our knowledgeable staff are eager to assist and happy to address any concerns or questions you may have during your dentist consultation.

As your treatment progresses, you’ll notice how carefully every phase is controlled and how seamless the transitions are. We’ve pioneered a digital workflow solution which manages each case to the smallest detail - keeping the theme of phenomenal service throughout your treatment. All of the dentistry is performed in-house, so you don’t have to wait on restorations - we craft them to perfection right here at the practice.

Services like root canal therapy, x rays, fillings, teeth whitening, dentures, crowns, oral surgery, wisdom teeth removal and adjusting the tooth structure can all be performed in-house - without the indeed for external specialists, dental surgeons, or dentist consultations.

Once your treatment is concluded, you’ll realise that your teeth look and feel better than ever. We source the highest quality materials so that your restorations stand the test of time. We’ve dedicated years to finding and learning new, innovative techniques to ensure the longevity of your teeth. We’ve spent hours digitally planning and perfecting every aspect of your treatment so that you’re left with a smile that is not just beautiful, but fully functional.

Speaking, chewing, smiling and laughing is easier. You’re more confident going into meetings, dates and posing for pictures. You laugh out loud and become excited about events and functions. People notice you - your smile is contagious and your personality shines through.

This is our service offering at JJS Dentistry in Cape Town. For more information, book your dentist consultation now!

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The Patient Experience | JJS Dentistry

Meet Dr JJ Serfontein

“I have a passion for reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry that ultimately enhances function and aesthetics.” - Dr JJ Serfontein

Dental surgeon and clinic owner at JJS Dentistry, Dr JJ Serfontein believes that Dentistry is the junction where art meets science.

He’s a passionate dental artist, who crafts beautiful, functional smiles for his patients.

He’s also a technologically advanced innovator in the dental field, who constantly develops and discovers techniques and methodologies to improve and perfect the workflows, service and treatments in his dental practice in Cape Town.

Cosmetic Dentist Smile Gallery

A perfect smile is not necessarily a super-white, square-toothed grin. It’s unique to your features, it fits the natural shape of your face and it enhances your natural beauty. It makes you comfortable and confident while playing up your best assets. These are just some of the smiles that the dentists and dental surgeon team at JJS Dentistry have crafted over the years.

These smiles were created using a combination of treatments and procedures; including implants, root canal therapy, fillings, adjusting the tooth structure, teeth whitening, crowns, dentures, and wisdom teeth removal. To find out more about smile makeovers, or get more information, schedule an aesthetics dentist consultation at JJS Dentistry!

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What Patients Say

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JJS Dentistry Review | DC Y


5 Stars
Google Review

This place makes going to the dentist a great experience. I love going for my dental hygiene appointments with Chrismarié. She is an absolute gem. Very professional and super sweet. I even booked my appointment with her when I was just on a short vacation in Cape Town as she is the absolute best...

Dr Steven Lapere review

Dr Steven Lapere

5 Stars
Google Review

Best dentist I’ve been to, by far. I’ve been his patient for 8 years and I’ll go there until he retires. Staff are professional and friendly and JJ’s work is excellent. The practice is super neat and hygienic.

Neriah P review

Neriah P

5 Stars
Google Review

Both my husband and I come here to get our teeth cleaned. Mari is amazing and it's always a great experience with her. She's very warm and friendly and knows exactly what she's doing. Got my teeth cleaned today in fact and I can't stop looking at them - they look amazing! 5-star service and teeth cleaning for sure.

Anneke Brand review

Anneke Brand

5 Stars
Google Review

I tried other oral hygienists, but Chrismarie is simply the best!! Modern technology, experience in her field, and the best care ever.

Ayesha Louisa Specker review

Ayesha Louisa Specker

5 Stars
Facebook review

Absolutely unbelievable from the get go. Even more happy with the end results. I highly recommend to anyone, especially if you are uncomfortable with going to the dentist. I am so happy with my whole experience and can honestly say I enjoy going to the dentist now. Thanks, JJ and the team there.

Nick Bailey review

Nick Bailey

5 Stars
Facebook review

I now have a full set of veneers and my teeth look great!. 'Start saving' I was told a few years ago, and now it's done. Dr JJ's enthusiasm and passion for his work is second to none. He has the best digital and computer equipment and uses the best materials. He kept me informed all the way and I felt cared for by the whole team. I know if I should chip a tooth in the future it will be sorted promptly wherever I am. Thank you again Dr JJ for all your help. I am set for life!

Ayesha Makim review

Ayesha Makim

5 Stars
Google Review

Brilliant service and care from the start. I am usually so scared of the dentist but I felt so comfortable from start to end. Very, very professional and beyond happy with the end result. So happy with JJ and the Team! I highly recommend them.

Amy Nicol review

Amy Nicol

5 Stars
Google Review

Having had extensive orthodontic work done when I was younger, it was recommended that I visit an oral hygienist every year for a thorough cleaning. Chrismarié is the only person I trust with my teeth. She is professional, gentle, works carefully and with the utmost consideration for your comfort. I wouldn't go to anyone else! The practice is state of the art and situated in a beautiful building with stunning views of the mountain. I highly recommend it.

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Our Cosmetic Dentistry Brands

Our phenomenal team sources the highest-quality aesthetics materials and equipment to ensure that our Waterway House practice in Cape Town surpasses international standards of quality and care. These are some of the superb companies we work with to produce the amazing results our patients experience. These wonderful brands help us make the best crowns, dentures and other aesthetics elements we possibly can!