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Cape Town-based dentist JJ Serfontein is either designing smiles through cosmetic or biomimetic dentistry, spending time with his young family or training for his next triathlon on the slopes of Table Mountain.

"A healthy, beautiful smile can truly change your life and boost your confidence" believes Dr Serfontein, who’s spent years doing smile makeovers for patients all over the globe.

Teeth Veneers


Who is Dr JJ Serfontein

As a highly accomplished dentist, Dr Serfontein offers the most innovative and optimal dentistry solutions available.

To stay up to date with international dentistry trends, cutting edge technology improvements and cosmetic dental practices, he travels extensively attending conferences worldwide.

With his knowledge, skill and state of the art equipment utilising the best products on the international market, JJ is able to offer the best dental solutions possible through cosmetic dentistry or more extensive full mouth reconstruction.

Dr JJ Serfontein Is Ahead Of The Dentistry Curve In South Africa


Conveying our thoughts and feelings through a smile is the purest and simplest form of communication, and arguably the most important.

Imagine being able to interact in this way, without the fear of being judged over your appearance. Imagine allowing your personality to shine through your smile, without inhibition. It’s profound.

This is what we give our patients every day. It’s more than just teeth, it’s the ability to show expression, emotion, and to connect with their friends and loved ones.

Creating and maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile will change your quality of life!

General Dentist

General Dentistry

Scheduled dental cleanings not only remove build-up from your teeth, but they are also important for your overall health. Research has shown that gum disease is linked to cardiovascular health.

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

A professional dental cleaning (also called scaling) is the most common procedure done at JJS Dentistry. We recommend that each patient have their teeth checked out every few months for signs of gum disease, plaque accumulation and tartar build-up

Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry and smile design is an art form that requires precise attention to detail together with an exceptional understanding and study of each individuals facial features. We believe that when the correct protocols are followed we can create a smile that will improve your quality of life for years to come.

Same Day Dentistry

Same Day Dentistry

Same day dentistry is convenient, easy, and the results are as good - or even better – as a multiple visit procedure. At our office, you can sit down and relax and within a couple of hours be on your way to all of the other important tasks of your day. If you’ve been procrastinating because you simply don’t have the time, give us a call and learn more about same day dentistry.


Short-Term Orthodontics

The benefit of an aligned, stable bite helps us primarily in combating periodontal disease and protecting teeth from excessive erosion, it is simply easier to clean and maintain a straight set of teeth than crooked ones. This fresh thinking has created awareness among many adults that a pretty smile has become the bonus…

Dental Implants Cape Town

Dental Implants Reconstruction

Dental implants provided at our Cape Town practice can offer a permanent alternative to some of the difficulties of missing teeth and dentures. Dentures, especially on the lower jaw, are prone to slipping and sliding, which can make chewing and speaking a difficult and potentially embarrassing chore…

TM Joint and Bruxism

TM-Joint, Bruxism

Stress and grinding of our teeth has become the syndrome of our time. Many people walk around and wake up in the mornings with aches and pain on the sides of their face and head due to a phenomenon called bruxism. Bruxism can be triggered by stimulus from any part of the “myo-system”...

Virtual Treatments

Virtual Treatments

Learn if you’re a candidate for treatment from your phone. We’ll review your smile and let you know if treatment is right for you...

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What Our Patients Say

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"I now have a full set of veneers and my teeth look great!. 'Start saving' I was told a few years ago, and now it's done. Dr JJ's enthusiasm and passion for his work is second to none. He has the best digital and computer equipment and uses the best materials. He kept me informed all the way and I felt cared for by the whole team. I know if I should chip a tooth in the future it will be sorted promptly wherever I am. Thank you again Dr JJ for all your help. I am set for life!"

Nick Bailey

"My daughter had to go see Dr JJ as an emergency! The receptionist was firstly so lovely, friendly and helpful! They managed to fit us in after a cancellation! He was so super sweet and gentle with Madison he did X-rays and a thorough check up in two ticks, extracted a tooth and off we went! The best parts was I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it! Thanks JJ you were awesome and you have a new fan!"

Carol D'Arcy-Jones De Villiers

"The best. Ultra professional , passionate about dentistry and esthetics. Central location, parking - great leather sofa in the waiting room --> never thought I would be looking forward to having my teeth sorted. Thank your JJ and the fantastic team for looking after us."

Kat van Duinen

"There is no other dentist in the world like JJ!!! He is THE ABSOLUTE BEST. He is passionate about dentistry and his clients. He is so professional and ensure he takes care of you. I will recommend him to anyone. He has a great team as well."

Maryka Meldau

"World-class aesthetic dentistry. Best in the country, by far!"

Clare Wiese-Wentzel

"You don't get better."

Tamryn Sherriffs

"JJ is a leader in modern dentistry. His passion and professionalism is second to none. If you need a dentist there is really no need to look anywhere else."

George Golding

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