Same Day

Same day dentistry is convenient, easy, and the results are as good – or even better – as a multiple visit procedure.

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The placement of dental restorations has, for many years, been a long process that generally requires follow-up dental visits. However, thanks to the revolutionary CEREC system, dental restorations – such dental crowns and bridges – and implants can be performed and completed in only a few hours. Manufactured by the world’s leading dental technology company, Sirona, the CEREC system has been making waves in the dental industry, as it is easier than traditional restoration methods, and it offers patients quicker relief after their procedure. CEREC is a sophisticated computer-aided system for producing durable ceramic restorations. CEREC dentistry produces high-quality ceramic dental fillings, veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, in ONE dental visit, using the following steps:

Same Day Dentistry Step 1

The first step of same day dentistry is to inform patients about the benefits of CEREC, before taking digital images of the mouth to capture the area that requires treatment.

Same Day Dentistry Step 2

If a filling is required, the second step of same day dentistry is to remove the dental caries and existing filling. The CEREC camera then captures a three dimensional photograph of the tooth.

Same Day Dentistry Step 3

The contours of the ceramic restoration are designed as a 3D model on the computer monitor.

Same Day Dentistry Step 4

The final restorations will now be delivered. This will be followed by final photographs and a maintenance program. The maintenance program will differ depending on the type of treatment that was performed.

Same Day Dentistry Step 5

The final step is to have the prostheses inserted into the patient’s mouth. The end result is a ceramic restoration that looks and feels exactly like natural dental enamel.