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What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics, a specialised field of dentistry, is dedicated to the correction of misaligned teeth and jaws. Misaligned teeth, often referred to as skew teeth, can create significant oral issues by promoting the accumulation of bacteria and plaque in overlapping areas, leading to cavities, discolourations, and decay.

Furthermore, misaligned teeth can disrupt your bite, resulting in speech, eating, and chewing difficulties, potentially leading to jaw tension and discomfort. Orthodontic treatment offers solutions to various dental concerns, simultaneously enhancing your smile's overall health, function, and aesthetic appeal.

At JJS Dentistry, we provide traditional orthodontic solutions and advanced options like clear aligners, which are able to achieve teeth straightening with discretion and comfort.

Orthodontics Cases

Orthodontics Cape Town
Braces Cape Town
Braces For Adults
Adult Orthodontics
Cape Town Orthodontics
Adult Orthodontics | Dr JJ Serfontein
Dr JJ Serfontein | Adult Orthodontics
Orthodontist | Dr JJ Serfontein
Orthodontist in Cape Town | Dr JJ Serfontein
Dr JJ Serfontein | Orthodontist
Orthodontics Cape Town | Dr JJ Serfontein
Cape Town Orthodontist | Dr JJ Serfontein

How much does orthodontic treatment cost in South Africa?

The cost of orthodontic treatment can vary based on multiple factors. While the table below provides a general overview of braces treatment costs in South Africa, it’s important to note that these prices do not encompass any additional treatments that may be necessary to prepare your teeth for braces.

For precise and tailored cost estimates, we recommend consulting with Dr JJ Serfontein, who can provide more accurate information regarding your orthodontic needs.

Orthodontics Min Estimate Max Estimate
Cosmetic Braces R60 000 R80 000
Clear Aligners R90 000 R110 000

How do I know if I need orthodontic treatment?

Determining the need for orthodontic treatment involves considering various factors. Orthodontics is a dental discipline primarily focused on rectifying misaligned teeth and bite issues. These concerns can range from cosmetic considerations to more substantial health-related matters.

Many individuals seek orthodontic treatment for aesthetic reasons, particularly if they have crooked, crowded, or spaced teeth that affect their confidence in their smile.

Additionally, misaligned teeth can pose challenges in maintaining effective oral hygiene, potentially leading to an elevated risk of dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues.

The most common conditions affecting the mouth include:

  • Overbite: The upper front teeth protrude over the lower teeth
  • Underbite: The lower teeth are too far forward
  • Open bite: The space between the biting surfaces of the front or side teeth
  • Misplaced midline: The centre of your upper teeth does not line up with the centre of your lower teeth
  • Spacing: Gaps or spaces between the teeth
  • Crowding: There are too many teeth to accommodate
Orthodontist Cape Town | JJS Dentistry

What are the different types of orthodontic devices?

Orthodontic treatment employs fixed and removable devices to facilitate tooth movement, muscle retraining, and jaw growth modification.

These devices operate by gently exerting pressure on the teeth and jaws, with the choice of orthodontic appliance being determined by the severity of the individual case.

Fixed orthodontic appliances include:
  • Braces: the most popular fixed appliance, braces are made of bands, wires and brackets.
  • Special fixed appliances: appliances attached to the teeth using bands to prevent thumb sucking and tongue thrusting
Removable orthodontic devices include:
  • Aligners: these are a great alternative to braces. Serial aligners move teeth similarly to braces but without metal wires and brackets. Aligners are transparent and can be removed for eating and cleaning.
  • Jaw splints: these devices are worn on either the top or lower jaw and help train the jaw to close in a better position.
  • Lip and cheek bumpers: these keep the cheeks and lips away from the teeth. These muscles can exert pressure on the teeth, and bumpers relieve that pressure.
  • Palatal expander: This is used to widen the arch of the jaw. It's a plastic plate that covers the roof of the mouth. The plate applies pressure to force the joints in the palate to open and widen.
  • Removable retainers: these devices stop the teeth from shifting to their previous position.
JJS Dentistry | What kinds of orthodontic devices are there?
Cape Town Orthodontics | Dr JJ Serfontein

How does orthodontic treatment work?

Orthodontic treatment is a gradual process that can span months or even years, contingent on the complexity of the issue and the orthodontic device employed.

Braces, a prevalent orthodontic option, consist of brackets and wires affixed to the teeth. They employ a constant, gentle force from the wires to gradually reposition the teeth. Periodic adjustments of brackets and wires facilitate continued tooth movement until the desired alignment is achieved.

Beneath the gums lies the Periodontal Membrane, shielding the lower portion of the teeth. Braces prompt the teeth to move, applying pressure to the Periodontal Membrane. One side of this membrane stretches to enable tooth movement, while bars and bands exert pressure from the other side, creating space for secure tooth realignment.

Clear aligners, another sought-after orthodontic solution, are made from smooth, comfortable plastic. These aligners are worn over the teeth, inducing gradual and precise tooth repositioning.

Following the completion of treatment with braces or aligners, retainers are often employed to maintain the newly acquired tooth positions, preventing them from reverting to their original position.

How does orthodontics work? | JJS Dentistry

Does orthodontic treatment hurt?

The application of braces is painless, so there’s no need for anxiety about the placement procedure. However, there may be mild discomfort after the wire engagement, typically lasting a week. It’s common for patients to experience some discomfort in the initial week following the placement of braces, expanders, or wire adjustments.

Adjusting to braces may also take a few weeks for the lips and cheeks. It’s worth noting that our state-of-the-art devices apply gentle and biologically sound forces, significantly reducing discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment.

While some discomfort is expected during the process, individuals tend to adapt to it over time. Over-the-counter pain relievers and saltwater rinses can be effective in alleviating discomfort.

Orthodontics Cape Town | JJS Dentistry

How long does orthodontic treatment take to work?

Thanks to modern dental technology, treatments are now efficient. We offer a range of orthodontic devices tailored to your needs for speedy correction.

To expedite your treatment:

  • Follow your orthodontist’s brushing and flossing instructions.
  • Don’t forget bi-annual dentist cleanings during treatment.
  • If you have braces, avoid hard or sticky foods.
  • Be cautious with sugary, acidic drinks.
  • Wear your elastics as directed.
  • Keep your scheduled appointments with your orthodontist.
Orthodontist Cape Town | Dr JJ Serfontein


Who can benefit from orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment benefits individuals of all ages, addressing teeth and jaw alignment issues in children and adults alike.

What is the best age for orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment has no age limit, yet it is typically advised for children and teenagers to promote proper bite development and address misalignments. JJS Dentistry also offers short-term orthodontics for adults seeking bite and teeth correction.

Will orthodontics interfere with my daily activities?

Adjusting to braces or aligners may take some time, but they won’t disrupt your daily routine significantly. Braces may require avoiding hard or crunchy foods, but whole aligners demand thorough cleaning.

How often will I need to come in?

The frequency of your visits will vary based on your treatment. For braces, expect appointments every 4-10 weeks, while aligners will necessitate visits every 2 weeks.

How do I care for my braces?

Caring for braces is simple and doesn’t demand additional effort beyond your daily oral hygiene routine. Maintain regular brushing and flossing, and steer clear of hard or damaging foods and beverages.

How do I care for my aligners?

Maintaining aligners involves more care than braces, but they are removable and can be cleaned separately. Here’s our recommended care routine:

  • Remove your retainer when eating and drinking
  • Clean your retainer daily before reinserting it into your mouth
  • Use toothpaste or aligner cleaner and a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your retainer
  • Ensure your retainer is dry and kept in its case when not in use

Can I still get braces with missing teeth?

Absolutely! Orthodontic devices can help prevent teeth from shifting, especially in cases where there are missing teeth. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that every case is unique, and Dr Serfontein will work with you to establish the best treatment plan for your needs

What happens once I’ve completed my treatment?

After completing orthodontic treatment, it’s common for patients to require a retainer to preserve the new position of their teeth. The duration and frequency of retainer wear vary depending on each individual’s case. However, in most cases, patients will need to wear their retainer for several months to several years following treatment.

Are there any risks involved?

Orthodontic treatment is generally safe and effective, with minimal associated risks. However, some potential risks include gum irritation, tooth decay, and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues. These risks can be effectively minimised by closely collaborating with our specialised team and adhering to the prescribed treatment plan.

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I’ve been with JJ density’s since 2021 and everytime they seem to amaze me . The whole team at JJ is so loving and inviting. From Steff and Jacci through to Caitlyn the Oral hygienist and JJ himself and the rest of the staff. I walk in their with the biggest warmest welcome and leave their with an amazing smile and even better feeling. The comfort they provide with each treatment they give is world class aswell as the top class products and technology they use. My Teeth has never been in better condition than it is now . Thank you to JJ and Caitlyn and the whole team!!!!! ❤️❤️

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Dr Serfontein and the practice staff has been amazing since the first day I walked in. He takes his time to explain everything and makes sure you are comfortable. I have always been petrified of dentists until I met JJ. There’s no other practice for me. Thank you! My teeth are straight!!!!!

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I had the most wonderful experience! Dr Melissa Brink is just absolutely amazing after a few appointments with her she made me feel if I was part of her family. I would rate her as the best dentist I have ever had. Dr Melissa Brink you absolutely rock👌 I would highly recommend JJS Dentistry! A out of this world experience with very professional and friendly staff.

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Juraj Priecel

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This is my favourite dentistry in the whole world and I been to dentists in UK, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Love to come here as everyone is positive, knowledgable, caring and leading edge professional. Location is above Ferrari dealership and I get my Ferrari dental care here )))

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In January last year I was fortunate enough to have my teeth whitened by Chantelle at the Vineyards. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my teeth and still do to this day - and its been more than a year. I still use my At Home teeth whitening kit once a week to maintain this white smile. I will forever be grateful for the team at Jjs Dentistry. I still LOVE my smile! I highly recommend to EVERYONE! Its a Spa for your teeth while watching Netflix - what more do you want!?

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Shariefa Bawa

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Today was my first ever consultation at JJ Dentistry & from the moment I walked in each and every staff member was sincerely friendly and professional .Abi and Jacqui at the front desk were both lovely . Dr Brink and her assistant made me feel so comfortable from start to finish & explained everything in detail in order for me to have a better understanding. Thank you all 🙂. Looking forward to my next session 👌

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Bron Slabbert

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Took my daughter to Dr Raymund Weihmann with a broken tooth and he was absolutely AMAZING ! He explained everything he was doing which made her feel more relaxed and he listened to what she wanted. Whole experience was fantastic - from being fitted in at the last minute before a long weekend to the way everybody in the practice treated her. Will definitely be returning to him!

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Kelly KiKx

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Honestly the best dentist I’ve been to and I have a massive fear of the dentist… I even got to watch Netflix while waiting in the chair and they made my experience quite enjoyable! I’ve been back 6 times in 2 months and excited every time! What amazing and fun staff! We are practically family at this point!