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Our implant-supported dentures provide outstanding stability while functioning just like natural teeth. Our patients appreciate being able to eat, talk, and smile with confidence.

What is an implant-supported denture?

Implant-supported dentures are a modern alternative to regular dentures. These types of dentures are connected to and supported by implants. It differs from a regular denture that rests on the gums and is not supported by implants.

How do implant-supported dentures differ from conventional dentures?

Conventional dentures are designed to mould to the shape of your mouth. Your gums and the underlying bone structure supports these dentures, making the denture rub against your gums.

An implant-supported denture, on the other hand, is both supported and retained by dental implants. This means that the denture does not rest on the gums. Instead, it is fixed on your dental implants, which are embedded in the bone.

The implant-supported denture process

If you don't already have implants, Dr JJ Serfontein will first need to place implants. Implants are permanent fixtures in the mouth, so a lot of consideration and planning needs to go into the process, which usually involves a team of dental professionals. Once your mouth has healed, your team will create and add the implant-supported denture.

Why should I get implant-supported dentures?

If you have lost teeth, and you're currently trying to decide between getting conventional dentures and implant-supported dentures, there are a few factors to consider.

  • Conventional dentures tend to rub against the gums causing sore spots. Implant-supported dentures are supported by implants, causing less discomfort.
  • Conventional dentures need to be removed to be cleaned. Implant-supported dentures are permanent fixtures that are cleaned in the same way as natural teeth.
  • Conventional dentures may cause bone loss in the jaw, causing poor fitment of the denture. With implant-supported bridges, dental implants fuse to the jawbone, providing a secure fit.
  • Many people that wear conventional dentures often avoid eating certain foods because their dentures slip or become loose when chewing. An implant-supported denture sits firmly in place, making it easier for you to enjoy your favourite foods.

If you're ready to smile with confidence, contact JJS Dentistry today. Dr JJ Serfontein will assess your candidacy for implant-supported dentures and tailor a treatment plan for your unique case.

What Patients Say

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Daniella Djan review

Daniella Djan

Facebook review

This has got to be the BEST dental surgery I have ever visited. Dr JJ and his entire team offer excellent, professional service, and they take great pride in making patients feel comfortable, informed and safe under their care. Being a patient with many past awful experiences with other dentists, I developed a major phobia and hate for dental visits. When I started visiting Dr JJ’s practice, however, I was blown away by the high quality of their service, as well as their compassion, empathy and emphasis on making the patient feel they were in good, capable, trustworthy hands.

Leanne Messiahs review

Leanne Messiahs

Facebook review

Dr JJ is the best dentist in the world! He performs magic in your mouth! Wow! I will never go to any other dentist again! Absolutely amazing!! Best decision I’ve made was to have dental work done at Dr JJ Dentistry! Will definitely be recommending you to all my friends, family, colleagues!
Thank you!!! For improving my smile:)
Dr Leanne Messiahs

Margarete Van Rooyen review

Margarete Van Rooyen

5 Stars
Google Review

JJS Dentistry, Changed my Life!!! Dr. Serfontein and Cait gave me back my confidence to Smile Again!!!! Best decision of my Life... Now I Smile All day long!!!!

Stephen Rheeder review

Stephen Rheeder

5 Stars
Google Review

The level of excellence you will experience here is unmatched - JJS goes is above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable and well-informed every step of the way.

Zukiswa Kawa Review

Zukiswa Kawa

5 Stars
Google Review

Excellent service, all staff very kind and well organized. Clinic uses latest technology and very good location.If you looking for a great cosmetic dentist that is super friendly professional ,knowledgeable and caring,I highly recommend dr JJ Serfontein

Pascal Pienaar review

Pascal Pienaar

5 Stars
Google Review

The dental practice is incredible but all the staff are wonderful and the work is faultless! Im scared of the dentist but not of Dr Serfontein. His injection techniques are so impressive! I didnt even notice!

Wouter van der Merwe review

Wouter van der Merwe

5 Stars
Google Review

World class service and exceptional knowledge - true specialists in their field of business. Driven by technological innovation, advancements, and implementation, Dr. JJ Serfontein stands out above his South African peers.

Kim Groenewald review

Kim Groenewald

Facebook review

JJS dentistry has made a permanent and lasting difference to my life by making my smile perfect for me. I received 5 star treatment all the way and would without a doubt recommend this practice to anyone who wants the best dentistry.